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New single "Bad Habits" out on March 26th

DILK returns with a new single and video, "Bad Habits", premier on March 26th, via Cold Transmission!

“The idea comes from the fact that one cannot shed their own bad habits. Habits that destroy us inwardly and that take away our hope of living. We refer to the habits induced by society and its bad morals, which deprive us of being ourselves and make us ashamed of human existence. In the end, we have no choice but to accept ourselves for who we are or what society has made of us, because it is too late to start over.”



Formed in 2018, DILK is the perfect mixture between the dark sounds from the 80s and the new wave of post-punk - combined with electronic vintage rythms, atmospheric melodies and blue lyrics. Reborn from the ashes of other bands, they have only shortly lived as a band, but have a lot experience on stage. They already build up a reputation in the Madrid post-punk scene, playing the opening for The Chameleons Vox in Madrid the last spring.



Dilk released their debut album, "Hardsip", on January 2020, via Cold Transmission. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Brazil Studio (Madrid), the songs are about the constant search for identity, the (un)love and the unreasonable existence. The shortness of life and its imminent end. About the feeling of not fitting in, or not being understood. „HARDSHIP“ collects the deepest and primary duels of the human being, takes your hand and invites you to dance.

DILK band members |

Charles – Vocals/Guitar, Espe – Bass, Jaime – Keyboards/Synths



Hardship Track list:

1. Permafrost
2. RIP
3. Pluto
4. Graveyard Orbit
5. Leave It For Tomorrow
6. Bright Light
7. I Can´t Figure It Out
8. Wake Up
9. No Reasons Why
10. To Escape Myself



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